Projekt Werstatt Umwelt & Entwicklung

The Project Workshop on Environment and Development Association was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization. The focus of our activities is in the field of education on the following topics: intercultural and anti-racist work, migration, development policy, environmental information and projects, projects in the field of Agenda 21 and New Media. The target group are young people and adults.

The Project Workshop on Environment and Development points to the multiple interactions between the thematic areas of environment, development and migration. Many development processes and changes in the globalized world can be better explained by a networked perspective. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social movements see all too often only a small problem neckline and thereby remain isolated and weak. We, the project workshop on Environment and Development want our activities to demonstrate common interests and cooperation in the above-mentioned Promote areas.

In youth and adult education, we rely on the most innovative methods and means, such as New media (radio, television, Internet), international exchange programs, innovative exhibition concepts and much more. In the Project Workshop on Environment and Development people work with experience in environmental and development policy, intercultural and anti-racist educational and media work together. Most of honorary and voluntary, with special tasks and larger projects, on a fee basis.

On the activities of the project workshop many people as mentors / inside, interns / inside, Instructor / inside, FÖJler / inside, Editors / inside, members and board members are involved. This link leads to a list of mostly volunteer Projektwerkstatt-Mitarbeiter/innen. Copies have already been aired, they can order the project workshop shop. The project workshop-newsletter keeps you informed about broadcast dates and transmission issues.

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