Kadıkoy Provincial and District Education Directorate

Kadıkoy Provincial and District Education Directorate is a local, public and formal institution.

The institution holds 477 public and private educational foundations which give every kind of educational service in our historical and multi cultural area. It has the oldest educational background that goes back before the foundation of the Turkish Republic and has a variety of schools and institutions that give every kind of education (Anatolian, fine arts, science, vocational and special education high schools). It has the highest amount of private schools and the highest schooling rates in Istanbul pre-school 86%, primary school 100%, secondary school 112% and it executes successful EU projects.

The Ministry of National Education (MEB) runs educational administration of country and is responsible for drawing up curricula, coordinating the work of official, private and voluntary organizations, designing and building schools, developing educational materials and so on.

The general goals of National Education are:

  1. To raise all individuals as citizens
  2. To raise them as constructive, creative and productive persons
  3. To prepare them for life

Promoting employment among young Europeans