Cramars is a social co-operative that was born in 1997. Its mission is the development of human resources and marginal areas.

Cramars manages vocational training courses addressed to employed, unemployed people and to apprentices. Develops social-economic searches, livens up of marginal communities and promotes equal opportunities projects. A professional team of coordinators, searchers and trainers with the General Manager supervision, follows projects’ management and development.

All training, guiding and searching activities are certificated by ISO 9001 rule.


Cramars organizes compulsory training courses addressed to apprentices, employed as warehousemen, secretaries, builders, joiners, workers in paper factories and hide workers.

Vocational Training

Cramars manages vocational training courses addressed both to employed and unemployed people. The trainers follow lifelong learning idea, in order to upgrade workers’ knowledge; the latter are organized with theory lessons and practical experiences.
Moreover Cramars organizes specific short upgrading courses as computer sciences, new media, foreign languages and communication.
During the last three years we acquired the specialization on social care courses for employed and unemployed people, which helps the necessities of the area (most of the inhabitants are between 60 and 80 years old and need assistance). Those courses are accredited by the region and give the choice to participants after 1000 hours of training to gain the qualification.

Staff Recovery Training

Following the actual economic crisis, Cramars has currently gotten the accreditation for the planning, organization and development of training courses to recover staff of companies in a situation of partial integration salary (a particular condition of temporal unemployment, subsidized by the government, to recover the personnel otherwise unemployed because of the reduction of the staff from companies – of the private sector – in economic crisis).

Work Experiences

Cramars projects and manages personal training periods called “Work experiences” addressed to unemployed people who work for an eight months long period in selected companies. During this period a company tutor follows and facilitates their integration and learning.

European Projects

Cramars joins European call for proposals and projects both as project partner or leader and manages searches, vocational training courses, evaluation, guideline services and good practices spreading. Equal opportunities, social dialogue, employment, information technologies, education, local development and business creation are Cramars’ mail interest subjects, working in partnership with private and public institutions, Universities and European Associations.

Cramars constantly works and collaborate with the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (trough European Social Funds), with private and public bodies or companies such as municipalities, health and social care units, mountain communities and private companies of all sectors.

More information about projects development is available in our website

Promoting employment among young Europeans